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Is it possible to have PBS provide SIGUSR1 for pre-emptive job

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Hello Jerry, if you mean a different signal for job suspension specifically (there are other preemption methods as well), then yes, have a look at "suspendsig" in the documentation.    

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Thanks for the inputs.

It's not possible to do suspension on our HPC.  To release the preemption resources,  just kill the low-priority job and automaticlly requeue it again instead of suspending it.  While kill the preempted jobs, PBS Server sends SIGTERM,  it can't identify if the job just was killed or vacated by scheduler and requeued again,  it's really annoying for workflow control.

Saying, A was running, B with higher priority and wanted the preemption resources, scheduler vacated A and requeued it automatically.  If it could send SIGUSR1 or other signals instead SIGTERM,   workflow application would know the job just was vacated by scheduler and requeued by scheduler,  and could put the job status back to the submitted state other than failed and avoid improper action.

Wondering if any way to have PBS Server send different signal for appropriate actions ? 

Or if any workaround for this sort of situation ?

Appreciating further comments/inputs



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