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how to attach instance to different networks

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Hi, I have many network are created and when I launch a instance how can I attach that instance to exactly network what I want. please teach me how to do that using libcloud api, thanks. This is my code:

        N = len(names)
        for i in xrange(N):
            #Find exists SSH Key
            key_pair = None
            for keypair in self.conn.list_key_pairs():
                if keypair.name == 'PubKey':
                    key_pair = keypair
            if key_pair == None:
                key_pair = self.conn.create_key_pair(name = 'Key-' + names[i])
            #Optimize : Multi-thread ?
            node = self.conn.create_node(name = utils.VM_NAME % (course_id, names[i], idx), 
                                         image = images[i], 
                                         size = sizes[i], 
                                         ex_keyname = key_pair.name)
        #Wait until all nodes are considered running
        w_nodes = self.conn.wait_until_running(nodes = self.nodes, wait_period = 10, timeout = 600)
        self.nodes = w_nodes


        ram, disk = info_json_clients[idx]['ram'], info_json_clients[idx]['disk']
        #********** list network name *******#
        netnamelist = [i['netname'] for i in info_json_clients[idx]['networks']]
        #***************** END **************#
        s_flavor = None
        s_image = None
        for flavor in list_flavors:
            if (flavor.ram >= ram and flavor.disk >= disk and flavor.disk >= 10 and (s_flavor == None or s_flavor.disk > flavor.disk or (s_flavor.disk == flavor.disk and s_flavor.ram < flavor.ram))):
                s_flavor = flavor
        sizes = [s_flavor for _ in xrange(num)] 
        for img in list_images:
            if img.name == 'ubuntu_agent':
                s_image = img
        images = [s_image for _ in xrange(num)]
        print s_flavor, s_image
        nodes = cloud.CreateNodes(course_id = course.id, names = students, images = images, sizes = sizes, idx = idx)

when i run it return error:

server_params['flavorRef'] = kwargs.get('size').id
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'

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