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4G download limit with Compute Manager

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I have users with large case file output that they are trying to download via Compute Manage. An error message pops up in the display when the do this. The output is large and based on the error in the CM logs we are hitting a 4G output file size limit in zip.  

zip error: Entry too big to split, read, or write (file exceeds Zip's 4GB uncompressed size limit)

Is there way to have the zip implementation handle large files. The system version on Centos will use zip64 extensions for larger files.


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If you run into this problem you can substitute in the system zip command for the one that PAS provides.  To do so, simply follow these commands (as root on the PAS host):


. /etc/pas.conf

mv $PAS_EXEC/bin/Linux-x86_64/zip $PAS_EXEC/bin/Linux-x86_64/zip.pas_orig

ln -s $(which zip) $PAS_EXEC/bin/Linux-x86_64/zip


No restart of PAS or CM required.

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