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How to move PBS server and schedular to new server?

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Hello Roland,

There are a couple of factors involved based on whether or not you're running Windows, what version of PBS you are running, whether you need to upgrade PBS when you migrate to the new server (i.e. the older PBS version doesn't support the newer OS version, or you simply want to upgrade), and whether or not you want to keep your jobs running during the move. You'll also need to make sure that your license server is relocated to the new server if it is running on the server you are retiring.


In a perfect world, where you are not running Windows, the license server is on a separate system, the PBS versions are identical, the operating system versions are identical, and jobs are no longer running, you can copy things over and be able to start PBS back up on the new server without changes.


If you are not living in this perfect world, please let us know:

- The OS and version of the server you are retiring

- The OS and version of the server you are migrating to

- Where your license server resides

- What version of PBS you are currently running

- What version of PBS Pro you wish to run on the new server

- Do you need to keep jobs running during the move?


If you are living in the perfect world I described and wish to use the copy method:

1) on the old server and all execution nodes, /etc/init.d/pbs stop

2) make backup copies of /etc/pbs.conf, $PBS_EXEC (/opt/pbs/default by default), and $PBS_HOME (/var/spool/PBS by default)

3) copy /etc/pbs.conf to the new server.

4) modify the PBS_SERVER line in /etc/pbs.conf on the new server to reflect the new server hostname.

5) modify the PBS_SERVER line in /etc/pbs.conf on each execution node to reflect the new server hostname.

6) modify all $clienthost lines in $PBS_HOME/mom_priv/config on each execution host to reflect the new server hostname.

7) copy $PBS_HOME to the same location on the new server

8) copy $PBS_EXEC to the same location on the new server

9) copy /etc/init.d/pbs to the new server

10) on the new server, chkconfig pbs on

11) on the new server and all execution hosts, /etc/init.d/pbs start

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I am not sure what version of PBS Professional you are using.

Questions to consider before proceeding:

 - Will the new system be running the same version of the operating system? If so, this can make things easier. 

 - Will the host of the new PBS Server/Scheduler be named the same as the old? PBS is very sensitive to hostnames, so if you are not using the same hostname, then you will run the risk of having to do a lot more updating in the configuration (e.g., on the execution nodes in /etc/pbs.conf, PBS_HOME/mom_priv/config). 

 - Do you have intentions of upgrading the version of PBS Professional during this migration?

 - Does your  Advance or Standing Reservations? If yes AND PBS is older than 12.2, delete each reservation. 
 - Do you have running jobs? If yes, then you will need to allow them to run to completion or requeue them. You cannot migrate PBS while there are running jobs. If you requeue jobs, be sure to turn scheduling off so that the jobs do not get dispatched again. 
 - Are you using wrapped MPIs? If so, you will need to unwrap them. 

I would recommend reviewing the Installation & Upgrade Guide > Migration Upgrade as it explains a of the steps involved with a migration upgrade, but is applicable to a migration between servers, too.

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I will use the same PBS Version as on the old server. How do I move the configurations done with qmgr on the new Server?  (The configurations done in file /var/spool/server_priv/resourcedef and /var/spool/sched_priv/sched_config I can move without a problem.)

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This is described in the manuals with good detail. Not knowing what version of PBS Professional you are using, I will assume 13.0.

For all steps described in a backup for migration, see installation guide section 7.8.1 (for UNIX/Linux)

To dump qmgr configurations, here are some examples:

qmgr -c "print server" > qmgr-ps.out

qmgr -c "print node @default" > qmgr-pn.out

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