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PBS queue not using set exclusive nodes

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So while trying to configure some queues for another problem (http://forum.pbsworks.com/index.php?/topic/631-pbs-queue-for-limited-walltime-and-exclusive-nodes/), I seem to have hit some unexpected behavior.  I was attempting to assign exclusive nodes to a queue.  The system I use has 32 cores, on 4 nodes.  I want our "small" queue to use 2 nodes.  Our server has the nodes listed as server[0], server[1], server[2], and server[3].  We have a route queue (as default queue) set up as well to use the small queue.


What we tried was this (following from examples seen in the linked problem and elsewhere):


set node server[0] queue = small

set node server[1] queue = small


I assigned a walltime limit (max of 8 hours) for this queue as well.


I then submitted 3 jobs without specifying the queue (only walltime) and the following happened:


job1 (<8 hours requested walltime)  ---> immediately runs on small queue on node server[3]

job2 (>8 hours requested walltime) ---> immediately runs on other queue on node server[2]

job3 (<8 hours requested walltime) ---> not enough resources, job is queued


I was expecting job1 to go to small queue on node server[0] or server[1], and I'd expect job3 to as well.  It is as if the set node command has blocked me from assigning any jobs to those nodes. 


Any idea as to what went wrong?

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