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How to limit the maximum number of processors per job

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max_run_res.ncpus just based on users, or groups, or project


Wondering how to limit the max. cpus per job  ?



For example,   just can request  Max. 168 CPUs per job.



Appreciating your time







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max_run_res.<res> can be applied to generic user, generic group, generic project, named user, named group, named project, and/or overall (o:PBS_ALL). 


Since you want to impose the limit of ncpus per job, I am assuming that you don't want to limit to restrict the total ncpus that could be running or queued. IOW, UserA could submit three 168ncpus jobs, and the three jobs would be eligible to run if there were enough resources available.


If this is true, then my suggestion would be to introduce a queuejob event hook that validates the total ncpus being requested is less than the maximum you want set. In addition, the same logic would be used for the modifyjob event hook. This way the user would not be able to change the total ncpus to something larger after the job was successfully submitted. 

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