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PBS Job dependency script on Windows

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Hello everyone!


I have a question regarding submitting job script with dependency. For example I have job1.pbs and job2.pbs. I want job2.pbs execute after job1.pbs have finished.

After surfing in the internet, I’ve found that I must create a shell script like this:



FIRST=$(qsub job1.pbs)

echo $FIRST

SECOND=$(qsub -W depend=afterany:$FIRST job2.pbs)

echo $SECOND


But this thing only works in UNIX environment whilst mine is Windows.

Do you know what kind of script should I create in Windows to make this work?


Thanks for the reply.

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This will work from a Windows .bat file:


@echo off

for /f "delims=" %%a in ('qsub job1.pbs') do @set FIRST=%%a
echo %FIRST%
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('"qsub -W depend=afterany:%FIRST% job2.pbs"') do @set SECOND=%%a
echo %SECOND%


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