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How do I use X forwarding in PBS?

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The short answer is that depending upon your network setup this may be possible as long as you can resolve your execution node from your desktop. In certain cases people setup PBS such that there is not access from the "user area" of the network to the execution node area (they are on different networks). Sometime this is done on purpose for security and sometimes its just a setup choice. Either way the basic answer is if you cannot make use of X forwarding from the execution node PBS allocates to the system where you want your X display seen then you will probably need to make some adjustments to your system.

In many cases people would like to do things like:

qsub -I ...

and have some gui displayed on their desktop. This is possible provided you set an environment variable DISPLAY and pass this to the execution node:

qsub -I -v DISPLAY

This has the following caveats:

1. Need to run xhost on your workstation to authorize the execution node

2. DISPLAY variable for you session will need to point to your workstation

3. your execution node needs to be able to resolve the workstation so X knows where to send the display.

4. You have to do this in an interactive job. This doesnt make sense for a batch job.

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