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PBS not allocating available CPU's

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'pbsnodes -a' indicates that nodes are available but, jobs are being queued due to insufficient cpu's.


(992 avail, 207 assigned)


     resv_enable = True

     sharing = <various>

     license = l

     resources_available.arch = linux_cpu

     resources_available.mem = 16121888768kb

     resources_available.ncpus = 992

     resources_available.vmem = 0kb

     resources_available.vnode = <various>

     resources_available.accelerator_memory = 0kb

     resources_available.naccelerators = 0

     resources_available.netwins = 0

     resources_available.board = <various>

     resources_available.boardpair = <various>

     resources_available.halfrack = <various>

     resources_available.iru = <various>

     resources_available.iruhalf = <various>

     resources_available.rack = r001

     resources_available.socket = <various>

     resources_assigned.mem = 3394240512kb

     resources_assigned.ncpus = 207

     resources_assigned.vmem = 0kb

     resources_assigned.accelerator_memory = 0kb

     resources_assigned.naccelerators = 0

     resources_assigned.netwins = 0




---qstat -f

comment = Not Running: Insufficient amount of resource ncpus (R: 16 A: 9 T:






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