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PBS pro 12.1.1 how to configure email content

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I use PBS pro 12.1.1.


The default email content is something as follow,


PBS Job Id: 110813.sdfa

Job Name:   0814153719

Begun execution



1. Is there anyway to change this email content to the words I want it be, such as import the result to the email (such as cat a log output)?

2. I tried to put a linux send email script,

echo "This will go into the body of the mail" | /bin/mailx -s "PBS Hello world" myemail@gmail.com

It works in my command line, but when I put into the PBS script, it doesn't work for me. I can't get the email from here.

Does anyone have the same problem?



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The emails you see are sent from the server host and the content is not configurable.

I am curious, however, whether you are running the mailx command on the PBS_SERVER or another host versus the job's execution host. Since your job script runs on an execution host, the results you get from executing the mailx command could be different during job execution than outside of it. You can typically test things like this by submitting an interactive job with "qsub -I" (that's a capital i as in India) and running the same command. 


Try that first, but beyond that there are a few other system-wide options you have as an administrator via an epilogue or hooks. Check the PBS Pro 12.1 Admin Guide section 12.4 for the epilogue and chapter 6 for hooks. You'll need to follow section 6.16 to import smtplib for use with a hook.



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