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PBS Node Unknown

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Hello PBS Works Community,


So here’s my case: I am using PBS for submitting Abaqus job to server.

There’s one server and 6 clients. Server running Windows Server 2012 Standard and all clients running Win 7 Pro.

The interface of xpbs program on client looked like this:



But when I tried to submit jobs, I got an error like this:



FYI this is a standard user account and I’ve input the pbs_password of the user.

However, when I checked the server status, it looked like this:



Does anyone know what might be the problem is?

Thanks for the answers.

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Thanks for sharing the screen shots - this was helpful. 


WRT Abaqus jobs not submitting

It would appear that the abaqus command wraps our qsub command. I will not be able to help diagnosis any issues with the command line arguments of abaqus - this will need to be pursued via Abaqus support as they are providing you the interface. However, I can provide you some guidance on what I think might be happening. 


Are you the administrator of these systems AND did you install PBS Professional? 


You mention on server and 6 clients. I need to clarify terminology


Based on your screen shots, it looks like you have

1. ONE PBS Server/Scheduler [gttgr-abaqus]; I see this from the xpbs screenshot > server

2. ONE PBS MOM (execution node) [gttgr-abaqus]; I this from the qmgr -c "list nodes @active"

3. SIX clients, I am assuming that you are referring to submission clients and not execution nodes. 



The error message looks similar to what I would have expected our qsub command to provide, BUT it looks like the abaqus command is modifying the error message. Based on the description of the error message, I would assume that the PBS Professional administrator has not added the Admin user accounts acl_roots attribute of the PBS Server. I will reference Section 8.10 of the PBS Professional v12.2 Admin Guide that describes this: 

PBS Professional v12.2 Administrator Guide


8.10 Root-owned Jobs

The Server will reject any job which would execute under the UID of zero unless the owner of the job, typically root/Administrator, is listed in the Server attribute acl_roots.

The Windows version of PBS considers as a “root” account the following:

  • Local SYSTEM account
  • Account that is a member of the local Administrators group on the local host
  • Account that is a member of the Domain Admins group on the domain
  • Account that is a member of the Administrators group on the domain controller
  • Account that is a member of the Enterprise Admins group on the domain
  • Account that is a member of the Schema Admins group on the domain
In order to submit a job from this “root” account on the local host, be sure to set acl_roots. For instance, if user foo is a member of the Administrators group, then you need to set:


Qmgr: set server acl_roots += foo


in order to submit jobs and not get a “bad UID for job execution” message.


WRT error with queue

If you were submitting the job to a specified queue via PBS Professional's command, qsub, then you would have used the "-q workq" argument.


Again, I don't know what the abaqus argument --queue is looking for to be valid. I see you specified "--queue workq:fsshared". The appended fsshared argument is unknown to me, so this must be something specific for Abaqus?? 


WRT pbsnodes -a command not returning nodes

You received an error message that does not make sense to me. Using the -a argument is valid, and I would have expected the command to list out all of the defined nodes within the PBS Server. Similar to the output of qmgr -c "list nodes @default" or qmgr -c "list nodes @active".


Can you confirm the absolute path of the pbsnodes command? I am wondering if Abaqus has wrapped more of the PBS Professional commands. 


WRT pbs_hostn command not returning expected output

Again, the pbs_hostn command is not returning the expected output. You have provided legitimate arguments, but the command is outputting the help/usage. 


Again, can you confirm that the absolute path of the pbs_hostn command?


It might make sense to take abaqus out of the equation and make sure that the PBS Professional installation and configuration is setup correctly. 

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Thanks for your answer, Scott!


I have managed to solve this problem. Turns out to be just a problem of administrator-windows type account thing and the /etc/hosts file must be configured.



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