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Disabling restart of job on another in case of failure of node

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There is a job attribute that determines whether a job is rerunnable. 


See -r or rerunnable in the guides. 


-r y|n

Changes whether the job is rerunnable. Sets job’s Rerunnable attribute to the argument. Does not affect how job is treated when the job was unable to begin execution.

See the qrerun(1B) command.

Format: single character, “y” or “n”.

Default: “y”


If you find that setting this job attribute to "n" by default, you can define the default_qsub_argument on the server via qmgr:


qmgr -c 'set server default_qsub_arguments = "-r n"'


Or, you can create a hook to enforce the "-r n" for qsub (queuejob) and qalter (modifyjob). I am suggesting modifyjob because it is possible for the user can change attributes of the job after submission. 

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