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What is pbs_diag and how do I use it?

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pbs_diag is a shell script that is included in PBS as of version 9 under the $PBS_EXEC/unsupported directory. This script is used by our support team as an easy way to collect a variety of information about a PBS installation and any jobs you may be having trouble with. This script makes use of the anothe script in the same directory called "pbs_dtj" for distributed trace job. This essentailly allows the pbs_diag script to collect tracejob information from all the nodes in a multinode job.

While pbs_diag will work for the most part unedited we have seen that the pbs_diag command may take some editing based upon your network configuration. Typically this editing is minor if at all.

These scripts are very useful but are listed in the unsupported directory for reference. Whil we dont directly support these at our help desk (we dont have a formal QA or bug reporting structure for these scripts- they are provided as is) if you are able to get them running they are useful tools in collecting per job and system wide settings when attempting to figure out if there is a problem with your system.

You are encouraged to use this script as it will drastically cut down the time for discovery needed by an engineer to assist you.

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