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How do I run a multinode prologue and epilogue?

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If you run the standard prologue and epilogue script in PBS you might have noticed that by default this only runs on the head node (mother superior) of a multinode job. If you want an action across the other execution nodes (sisters) there is some slight adjustment that needs to be made. You could do something like the following in a prologue script to access all the nodes:

. /etc/pbs.conf
echo "This is the prologue!"

# define mother superior and sisters
nfsize=$(cat $nodesfile|wc -w)

#head node
momnode=$(head -1 $nodesfile)
echo "$momnode is the mom node."

# other execution nodes
sisternodes=$(tail -$(($nfsize-1)) $nodesfile)
echo -e "The sister nodes are \n$sisternodes"

# loop to do pdsh commands
for i in $sisternodes;do
/usr/local/bin/pdsh -w ssh:$i hostname

Depending upon the action you want to create you may also want to consider the user of the "Hooks" functionality in PBS. This is described in the Admin Guide for PBS 10 and later versions.

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