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Do you have any scripts that will quickly allow me to install PBS on many machines at once?

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We technically dont have anything built in that will allow you install PBS to a vast number of execution nodes at once. For the most part

at sites with large installations the management of software is taken care of by operating system provisioning software that allows users

to create standard OS images with all the software needed for an execution node. If you dont have such a system you could create a small script to

run the PBS Pro installer "automagically" provided you have a few essentials in place. For example, you would need PDSH (parallel distributed shell)

as well as a common file system mounted amoungst the execution nodes but you could run a script like:










# End Script

Save this as somescriptName and then run it via pdsh.

pdsh hostlist somescriptName

This of course isnt an exhaustive list of possibilities but one suggested method that could work.It should

also be noted that the installation must be done as root so your authentication mechanism for pdsh must

support this in order for this to work.

The script above is attempting to answer all the questions you would normally answer in the installation of a PBS execution node.


Installation of PBS Professional

The package system used on this machine cannot relocate

software from the default location. The default location

for the execution directory is:


/usr/pbs does not exist, I'll make it.


PBS needs to have a private directory (referred to as "PBS_HOME"

in the documentation) where it can permanently store information.

Please enter the full path for the PBS_HOME location you would like

or press enter to accept the default.

Home directory? [/var/spool/PBS]

/var/spool/PBS does not exist, I'll make it.


You now need to decide what kind of PBS installation you want for

this machine. There are three possibilities: a server node, an

execution node, or a client host.

If you are going to run PBS on a single timesharing host, install

the server package.

If you are going to have a cluster of machines, you need to pick

one to be the front end and install the server package there.

Then install the execution package on all the other nodes in the


The client package is for a host which will not be used for

execution but still has access to PBS. It contains the commands,

the GUI and man pages. This gives the ability to submit jobs and

check status.

PBS Installation:

1. Server, execution and commands

2. Execution only

3. Commands only


PBS Professional version 9.0 and later is licensed

via the Altair License Manager.

The Altair License Manager can be downloaded from:

For more information, please refer to the PBS

Professional Administrator's Guide, or contact pbssupport@altair.com.

Continue with the installation ([y]|n)?y

Installing PBS for an Execution Host.

You need to specify a hostname for the Server.

Hostname? [pbsserver]fatboy

you entered: fatboy

is this correct?y

*** PBS Installation Summary



*** Creating new file /var/spool/PBS/pbs_environment

*** warning, did not set TZ in /var/spool/PBS/pbs_environment

*** This host does not have the PBS server installed.

*** the default name 'fatboy' will be used.


*** The PBS commands have been installed in /usr/pbs/bin.


*** PBS Mom has been installed in /usr/pbs/sbin.


*** Copying startup script.


*** End of /usr/pbs/etc/pbs_postinstall

Would you like to start PBS now (y|[n])?y


Starting PBS

PBS mom

PBS started

Installation complete

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