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Why do I see an error message about licensing after submitting an advanced reservation?

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While running pbs_rsub for advance reservation I am get following warnings:

joe@myhost:~> pbs_rsub -lselect=4:ncpus=2 -R 1540 -E 1545

R0.myhost CONFIRMED -> WARNING: reservation R0.ia64-02 confirmed, but if reservation starts now, its jobs are not guaranteed to run as pbs_license_min=0 < 8 (# of cpus in the complex)

This is the expected behavior with PBS using FLEX licensing. It’s a warning message given out if the current PBS complex has server attribute ‘pbs_license_min’ not set to the actual number of cpus in the complex. In order to ensure that jobs run during the reservation period, PBS must already have all the licenses available for all the potential cpus.

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