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      PBS Forum Has Closed   06/12/17

      The PBS Works Support Forum is no longer active.  For PBS community-oriented questions and support, please join the discussion at http://community.pbspro.org.  Any new security advisories related to commercially-licensed products will be posted in the PBS User Area (https://secure.altair.com/UserArea/). 
Scott Suchyta

How do I replace a socket-based license?

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This is also applicable if you had multiple socket-based licenses combined into one socket-based license file.


1. Generate the socket-based license via https://secure.altair.com/UserArea/license_man.php 

2. Copy the altair_lic.dat to /var/spool/PBS/server_priv/altair_lic.dat

3. Restart the PBS Server

qterm -t quick ; /opt/pbs/default/sbin/pbs_server

4. Verify the PBS Server reports the available socket-based licenses

qstat -Bf | grep -e license -e Socket

5. Verify the nodes are licensed via the socket-based license by looking for the license = l attribute in the pbsnodes -av output.

pbsnodes -av | grep -e "^[[:alnum:]]" -e license


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