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How do I share jobs between more than one cluster?

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This is enabled with the PBS function called "Peer Scheduling". This allows a queue on a local PBS Scheduler to periodically look at the possibility of taking (pulling) a job from a queue on a remote PBS Scheduler. Please note that this feature using a pull mechanism and not a push mechanism. This means that jobs will be taken from a remote server and run locally based upon the local systems ability to run the job. Also it should be noted that once the job is moved you will need to query the PBS complex where the job is moved to monitor (not the system where the job was submitted). Also when you consider using this feature you will want to consider setting up the queues that are allowed to pull jobs to only pull jobs that are less than a certain size (require job data input size) because as the time to transfer the job data grows larger you may find Peer Scheduling less useful for overall efficiency since the time for data transfer would actually slow down the time to complete the job (it may be faster to let the larger jobs simply queue locally until there is space for them).

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