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Problem using mom hook script >4Kb in PBS Pro v12.0

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Altair has recently discovered a bug in the PBS Professional v12.0 implementation of MoM hooks. This issue affects all MoM hooks that are greater than 4Kb in size. The problem is that there is a 4Kb limit to the size of the script file that can be automatically copied out to the MoM nodes. Even though the hook script will be imported without error during hook creation, i.e. Qmgr: import hook application/x-python... does not fail, any script larger than 4Kb will not be copied to the MoMs intact. You will see error message in the MoM log file when the hook is executed like:

...pbs_python;Svr;pbs_python;PBS server internal error (15011) in Failed to compile script, <type 'exceptions.SyntaxError'>

The workaround to be able to use scripts >4Kb is to create the hook as normal via qmgr, including using qmgr to import the hook script, but then manually re-copy the hook script out to the MoM nodes, specifically into the $PBS_HOME/mom_priv/hooks directory. The hook scripts must be owned by root, have read/write/execute permissions for root (700) and be named <hook name>.PY on the MoM nodes in the mom_priv/hooks directory. The pbs_mom daemon does not need to be restarted after manually copying over the hook script.

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