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PBS not take cput of parallel jobs

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Hi, I'd like to know if it is required some specific configuration to show correctly cput for parallel processes.

When I use the qstat command, the job cput is not returned correctly. This happens only for parallel jobs.

As an example:

#> qstat

Job id Name User Time Use S Queue

---------------- ---------------- ---------------- -------- - -----

5571.cluster WOBdR100 user1 26:20:02 R long

5583.cluster cortina3 user5 24:57:47 R long

5585.cluster HuaLouB5 user1 24:34:37 R long

5586.cluster imerspec3dp user2 00:00:07 R long

5596.cluster A3C_Smirnov user3 00:00:16 R long

5598.cluster imerspec3dp user2 00:00:07 R long

5649.cluster vat_2d user4 00:00:01 R long

The first three are serial jobs, and the others are parallel jobs. The parallel jobs have been running for a few hours.

My PBSpro version is PBSPro_10.4.0.101257

Does Anybody knows what is happening?

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Hey Rodrigo,

Have you reviewed PBS Professional Admin Guide 10.4 Section 6.7 Support for MPI. MPI processes are usually not associated to the POSIX Session ID, and therefore PBS cannot track these spawned PIDs. The section talks about wrapping the MPI with an interface we developed which will track these processes.

In the section, it will talk about a number of different MPIs, but you will see mention of pbsrun_wrap (6.7.6).

Depending on how deep you want to get into the understanding, you can review the PBS Professional Reference Guide, too.


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