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job manage on Compute Manager

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Very urgent issue caused on our cluster, but the IT manager didn't on duty now.

I have the root account and only know how to hold one job by using "qhold [job ID]"

Could you tell me how to hold all jobs on our cluster use the command? Thanks

By the way, wish some body can give me a command reference for the Cluster manager...Thanks again.

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You could try the following as root

qhold `qselect`

the command qselect will list all of the jobs in the queue(s). Since there are no arguments supplied to qselect, it will result in listing all jobs. Yo may want to review the qselect documentation to understand how you can filter the job list. 

You reference Compute Manager, which suggests to me that you (your company) should have a support contract. I wouldn't know whether your company is current on the support contract, but it would hurt to send email to the PBS Support team to get real-time help. See http://www.pbsworks.com/ContactSupport.aspx

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