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      The PBS Works Support Forum is no longer active.  For PBS community-oriented questions and support, please join the discussion at http://community.pbspro.org.  Any new security advisories related to commercially-licensed products will be posted in the PBS User Area (https://secure.altair.com/UserArea/). 

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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have a few quick questions: Will PBS Pro 12.0 work on Windows Server 2012 R2? If not, is there any version of PBS Pro that will? Will we have to purchase that version in order to upgrade from 12.0? Sorry if any of the questions are silly. Any answers or opinions on this will be very much appreciated.
  2. Hello everyone! I have a question regarding submitting job script with dependency. For example I have job1.pbs and job2.pbs. I want job2.pbs execute after job1.pbs have finished. After surfing in the internet, I’ve found that I must create a shell script like this: But this thing only works in UNIX environment whilst mine is Windows. Do you know what kind of script should I create in Windows to make this work? Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hello, Here is my conf : Windows 7, pbs_version = PBSPro_12.1.1.131502, Python 2.7.1 I have a python script (pythonScript.py) with params: If I launch it directly, it works : Y:\Users\Public>testPython.py param01 param02 param03 I create a PBS file with the previous script (testpbs.pbs) : #!/bin/sh # #Job Description #PBS -N TEST_PBS # #resource limits: max. wall clock time during which job can be running #PBS -l walltime=15:00 # #resource limits: number of CPUs to be used #PBS -l ncpus=1 # #resource limits: amount of memory to be used #PBS -l vmem=128mb # #resource limits: amount of disk to be used #PBS -l file=100mb # #The job Y:\Users\Public\testPython.py param01 param02 param03 qsub Y:\Users\Public\testpbs.pbs The qsub command doesn't see my environment. I had problem with my drive mouting so I had in testpbs.pbs : net use Y: \\hostAdress\sag password /user:username It works and then I had problems when import local python library. I think my pbs server doesn't launch the qsub command with my current environment. How can I do to resolve this ? Cheers, Manuel.