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Found 4 results

  1. Hook has been created to reject a job if resources are not set and the user is informed why the job was rejected. A nice feature would be to update the user's output file with a warning messages that they did not set the resource. Then go ahead and modify the jobs to set the default setting for them.
  2. Hi guys, I'm rather new to PBS but I'm dealing with a stable PBS deployment in a private company. Here job submission is done exclusively from the Compute Manager which recalls PAS that is installed upon PBS Pro 12.2. The only available queue is workq. What we want to do is to check, for a specific PAS application, if a job has failed due to a specific software reason, by testing the output or error log of the software (which reduces to parsing a text file) and, in that case, re-queue the job in workq so that it will be the first one to be run when resources available. No delays or modifications to PAS resources are needed; just requeue (o rerun). The whole thing should be transparent to the users. I guess that something similar could be done by writing a hook to be triggered in the execjob_end phase. Am I right? Is this feasible? Is there any other simpler way to do it? We currently don't have any hooks enabled and so we lack of experience with them. Our deployment and workflow is rather "pas_application centric". All the logic and rationales are implemented inside the strat.py and presubmit.py scripts in PAS. Thanks a lot for your help NN
  3. Some hook examples

    Here is some other examples that others may find useful. ecores_time_limit.txt does a calculation ecores * walltime to come up with a usage percentage. This usage percentage is determined by a functions of interpolated points to define the desired boundary. MY_pbs_data.txt is a module that can be used to calculate ecores as well as output the information job and node information in XML. I hope that others in the PBS hooks community will find this useful. Jon MY_pbs_data.txt ecores_time_limits.txt
  4. Hook to check limits

    Here is a example hook that checks the walltime, ncpus, and memory limits (user, queue, cluster). I hope someone may find it useful Jon MY_check_limits.txt