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      PBS Forum Has Closed   06/12/17

      The PBS Works Support Forum is no longer active.  For PBS community-oriented questions and support, please join the discussion at http://community.pbspro.org.  Any new security advisories related to commercially-licensed products will be posted in the PBS User Area (https://secure.altair.com/UserArea/). 

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  1. Updating the pbs-alps-inventory-check.py exechost_periodic hook that is distributed with the PBS binaries. There was a flaw with the distributed version of the hook whereby the PBSFREE count was _ALWAYS_ larger than the ALPSFREE count. This was due to the way the PBS vnodes were counted: a vnode on a Cray represents a NUMA node, therefore there could be 2 or 4 vnodes for each compute node. Until the updated hook is incorporated into the distribution of PBS Professional binaries, this topic will host the DOC, XLS, and PY script pbs-alps-inventory-check-pkg.zip The DOC explains the requirements, assumption, caveats, and illustrates the implementation details of the hook. The XLS illustrates how the hook will behave if there a multiple PBS MOM cray_login nodes. The PY is the updated hook. Let me know if you have any issues!