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      The PBS Works Support Forum is no longer active.  For PBS community-oriented questions and support, please join the discussion at http://community.pbspro.org.  Any new security advisories related to commercially-licensed products will be posted in the PBS User Area (https://secure.altair.com/UserArea/). 


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  1. How to testing HyperWorks solvers

    Hello, Maybe this is not the place to post this, I appologize for any inconvenience. We are trying to build a demo machine with Altair& PBSWorks products. I did install PBS Pro, PBSA and Compute Manager and HyperWorks Enterprise on this machne. Now I want to run some test with HyperWorks solvers like RADIOSS. Also I want to test using GPU as this machines has two NVidia K20's on it. I've installed CUDA drivers and toolkit. Could please help with this? I want to learn how to run jobs with demo files under the HW installation. I found this demo files has .rad extension but couldn't manage to run them. Any help or pointer to some documentation is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ekrem
  2. PBS Pro didn't create default queue "workq"

    Hello Scott, I followed choice #1 and it worked perfectly. Thanks a lot for your help. Now everything is as expected by the installation guide.
  3. Hello, I am trying to configure PBS Professional for customer demo. I was following PBS Pro Install documentation and I'm stucked where it says that installation will create default queue named workq. It seems that installation did not created default queue. Did I do something wrong or should I create it by hand? While I was at the installation process (./INSTALL) I chose to run pbs daemon and it gave an error saying that it didn't find its hostname. Then I added hostname to /etc/hosts and started /etc/init.d/pbs by hand. But when I checked I see there is no default queue named workq. Then I uninstall pbs rpm by running and rpm -e pbs and then rerun the INSTALL script. I want to make a clean install and follow install guide without any problem. Any help or pointer is appreciated. qmgr -c "p s" output is: # # Set server attributes. # set server default_chunk.ncpus = 1 set server scheduler_iteration = 600 set server resv_enable = True set server node_fail_requeue = 310 set server max_array_size = 10000 set server pbs_license_min = 1 set server pbs_license_max = 2147483647 set server pbs_license_linger_time = 31536000 set server license_count = "Avail_Global:0 Avail_Local:0 Used:0 High_Use:0 Avail_Sockets:0 Unused_Sockets:0" set server eligible_time_enable = False set server max_concurrent_provision = 5 Best regards,