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    however, the problem would persist, while my L job is "inactive", it still holds a core ....
  2. Question

    sounds great Just a silly question, requesting 0 ncpus means no ncpus restriction, or you're saying ncpus request number can never be 0 ? Yes you're right, if I can limit the CPU usage to 1 core for L jobs, and if it is possible to add L jobs when a node is "full" of H jobs, it could result the same. You're thinking of a priority mechanism ?
  3. Question

    Hello, I'm currently studying to use PBS Pro, i have read the user and administrator manual, but I still have some questions related to the possible configuration (i'm not very used to the jobs administration, and i didn't find french manual, so sorry if my questions look easy to answer, or stupid ) First of all, i have understood "CPUs" in the manual is mainly used for "core" ? If i am wrong, please tell me I wonder how PBS Pro uses the cores resource: Let's say I have 1 machine with 4 cores. I have two kinds of processus on the machine, process H (heavy processus) and L (light processus, they treat some things, wait a long time for an answer, then stops). I have understood I can define 2 different queues, one for H jobs, one for L jobs. - Is it possible to define that the L jobs must use only 1 core maximum ? - And if yes, when the L processus are waiting (so very few CPU usage), can the H jobs use this core too ? Indeed, i wouldn't want to have 1 core reserved for L jobs when they are inactive, whereas my other jobs could need this core Thanks a lot, and sorry for my english.