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  1. I have been trying to add Abaqus job in Compute Manager. We are using Dassault License server for Abaqus. The abaqus job works fine outside PBS environment but it is throwing error message reading abaqus license variable. /cm/shared/apps/Abaqus/DassaultSystemes/SIMULIA/Commands/abaqus memory=2000 cpus=4 job=nut8mm.inp /var/DassaultSystemes/Licenses/DSLicSrv.txt /var/DassaultSystemes/Licenses/DSLicSrv.txt Abaqus Warning: The .inp extension has been removed from the job identifier Abaqus Warning: Keyword (dsls_license_config) must point to an existing file. Abaqus Error: License for standard with cpus=4 is not available. Abaqus/Analysis exited with error(s). Can anyone please share your Abaqus templates?