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  1. how to set up stack-size to unlimited in PBS pro

    Yes, thanks Steve.
  2. Dear all We have met a PBS pro system limit for stack size in our HPC running. We found that all the jobs were submitted by PBS pro have a stack size limit to 16384. There should be a configuration file in PBS pro so that we can remove this restriction and get unlimited stack size. Even we changed in our .bashrc file to ulimit -s unlimited, it is still the same for 16384 limit For each computing node, we found that there is some content such as "ulimit -n 16384" in the limits.pbs_mom file [hpc@computenccoshab0000 init.d]$ cat /opt/pbs/lib/init.d/limits.pbs_mom # This file will be sourced by the PBS startup script, pbs_init.d. # It is here only for binary compatibility with previous releases. # Feel free to replace its contents. if [ -f /etc/sgi-release -o -f /etc/sgi-compute-node-release ] ; then MEMLOCKLIM=`ulimit -l` NOFILESLIM=`ulimit -n` STACKLIM=`ulimit -s` ulimit -l unlimited ulimit -n 16384 ulimit -s unlimited fi Is there any solution in PBS Pro to set up to ulimit -s unlimited? Many thanks