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  1. Exclude (or include) specific nodes in PBS Pro

    Thanks for the response Steve. At least I know to stop trying that strategy. Now to figure out a homebrew solution. Initial idea: send the identical job to all four good nodes; set a job on the login node to monitor which of the four jobs starts first and then kill the other three. Not elegant but a possible work around. Other strategies?
  2. I'm working on a cluster with 8 nodes; 4 nodes have python and 4 don't. How can I ensure that my python jobs only go to the nodes with python? I do not have admin rights on the cluster PBS Pro 13.1 RedHat 5.11 A subset of the many attempts that have not worked for me: qsub -l host=!bad_node1 qsub -l select=1:host=!bad_node1 qsub -l host=!bad_node1&!bad_node2 qsub -l nodes=good_node1+good_node2 This question has been asked before, but those solutions are not working for me: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13861220/excluding-nodes-from-qsub-command-under-sge http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9263327/exclude-certain-nodes-when-submitting-jobs-with-qsub-torque http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18392786/how-to-submit-a-job-to-a-specific-node-in-pbs http://forum.pbsworks.com/index.php?/topic/107-how-to-exclude-a-specific-node-when-submitting-a-job/