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  1. Queue Management

    I have a query regarding queuing system. Currently at Indian Institute of Science we have CrayXC40 in which 'by_queue' type of queuing system is employed. In our research we found that two types of queuing systems are majorly employed. In one type of system is queue can schedule any number of jobs queued in it as long as the maximum job limit is not reached. In another type queuing system each queue is allocated to specific number of cores, any number of jobs can be run from this queue as long as cores are available. Both of these queuing systems are equally employed ad have their own advantages and disadvantages. I have a doubt if scheduler supports a system where each queue is assigned fixed number of cores and some cores are shared between all the queues and used for any high priority job in the queues. Please feel free to ask if question is not clear or any more details are required.