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      The PBS Works Support Forum is no longer active.  For PBS community-oriented questions and support, please join the discussion at http://community.pbspro.org.  Any new security advisories related to commercially-licensed products will be posted in the PBS User Area (https://secure.altair.com/UserArea/). 


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  1. How to catch a qdel signal

    Hello Is there a way to catch a qdel signal in the PBS script to force clean up before exiting? I have an Ansys MPI, and when a user qdel's their job, I would like to copy back all the scratch data before the process dies on the compute node. Thank you
  2. Hello We have a small cluster with a head node (PBS Server), interactive node, and 9 compute nodes I can submit jobs to the cluster via the head node, but when I try to submit jobs from our interactive node, i get the following message: [nuser@interactive ~]$ qsub -q workq dry_run_8.pbs qsub: Bad UID for job execution Is there a setting that I need to set to submit jobs from outside the head node? Thank you! Our environment is a RHEL 6.6 64bit cluster