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  1. Can not delete Hang job

    Hi Marcelo, Please run qstat -an to determine which node(s) the hung job is assigned to. Then, run pbsnodes <node_name> for that/those node(s). Please reply with the output of those commands. Also, please run tracejob 1535.admin and attach that output as well. Thanks, Chris
  2. Hi Enegado, From the interactive node, can you ssh passwordlessly to and from the execution hosts? Also, is it possible that the user name of the job submitter and/or the UID and GID at the executing node are different from the submitting node. On the submission host, as the submitting user, run the "id" command. Do the same on the execution host and compare them.
  3. removing an execution host

    Hi Ingrid, First, I would make sure no jobs are running on the nodes, then stop pbs on the hosts you are planning to remove (/etc/init.d/pbs stop), then remove the nodes on the PBS server using qmgr (qmgr -c 'd node <node_name>'). If you are planning to use the nodes for other purposes, I would also make sure you disable the PBS daemons from startup.