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  1. disk space for jobs

    You have been a great help. This method works for us. I am reviewing the sections you discussed above, as we speak. Take care and many thanks. Mike
  2. disk space for jobs

    Outstanding. Thanks to you, sir. I appreciate your time. Will this ":scratch=1gb" simply be ignored if the user doesn't need to define a job size? Usually, jobs are run using a shared storage array. This additional change will be for those users who wish to specifically run a job on the local disk of any particular node. --- Last question, a user was trying to use this command, within their job, to allocate disk space: #PBS -l file=750gb I looked into this pbs qsub directive, but thought that this directive would only limit the file size to 750gb, hence my original question. I am running PBSPro, on linux os. Am I interpreting this directive correctly? Thanks again, Mike
  3. disk space for jobs

    Hello, Can you tell me if there is a "qmgr set queue" command that I can set to allow users to specify, in their jobs, how much local disk space is used per job? We have nodes where there is only a limited amount of available /tmp space, and we would like to have qmgr direct any job with a higher required disk space to another set of nodes, automatically. I'm fairly new to PBS and haven't been able to locate any information on this topic. Thanks for your time, Mike