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  1. Distributing executables to chunks

    Thanks Adam, I will look into it. -Jeremy
  2. Distributing executables to chunks

    Hi Adam, I have been able to get things working correctly, but a different sort of problem has surfaced. The memory tracked and reported by PBS is changing depending on whether or not I have all of my chunks on one node or spread of multiple nodes. To illustrate what I an see, consider the following example: proc1 uses x mb of mem proc2 uses y gb of mem proc3 uses z gb of mem If I define a separate chunk for each processes but add "-l place=pack", PBS will report that I used 10 gb of memory. If instead I add "-l place=scatter", PBS will report that I used 7.5 gb of memory. The cpu time is also substantially less for the "-l place=scatter" case. Does this make any sense to you? Of course, this could be an issue with my code, but this seems to be more of a PBS accounting issue. Is this a known deficiency with PBS? I know older versions of PBS Pro did not account for parallel jobs very well. Thanks again for any insight you can provide. -Jeremy
  3. Distributing executables to chunks

    Hi Adiaz, I am using MPI/PRO 2.2. I think I understand what to do. I use the PBS_NODEFILE and build my "appfile" to make sure that my processes land in the right location. Thanks for the help. -Jeremy
  4. Distributing executables to chunks

    I have a large program that is broken up into a number of executable/processes that communicate via MPI. The processes use varying amounts of computer resources and I would like to group them so that processes that use a large amount of memory and CPU cycles are on their own chunk and less intensive processes are grouped together. I understand how to define chunks with different amounts of resources, but what I don’t understand is how to direct processes to certain chunks. For example, if I have the following three processes: proc1 uses 500mb of mem proc2 uses 10 gb of mem proc3 uses 1gb of mem I would like to define one chunk with 10gb of memory where exe2 is run and one with 1.5gb of memory where exe1 and exe3 are run. How do I accomplish this? I have been defining the chunks, but the processes get put into the wrong chunks and the large processes are exceeding the memory limits on the small chunks and my jobs die. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I am using PBS Pro 9.1. -Jeremy