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  1. Cpu number limitation per user

    Thanks for the answer. I won't have the answer till next week now. But you're right: if a variable had been set, I imagine that the message would be more significant than only "connection refused".... On the other way , it's so strange that it always appears after this 256 cpus max... Regards. JohnArchive
  2. Cpu number limitation per user

    Hello We've observed the following behaviour on a PBS installation: A user can run 7 jobs of 32 cpus, but when running 8 , it says "connection refused". he also can run 1 job of 128 cpus, but a second one fails. If he uses a new username, no problem to launch a new job.... (using the same queue) Do you know if there could be a variable limitation for a cpu number per user ? (As 8*32=256 is ok, not 7*32=224 .... strange) I couldn't find such a limit in the documentation. Thx a lot for any help.
  3. How to block (or synchronize) a job submssion

    It seems PBS version is also 2.3. I had a look to the FAQ where you explain the differences between PBS pro and open PBS. So, options may be different between the two products. A test has been done this morning and "-W block=T" isn't recognize. I'm not sure the equivalent option is available inside Open PBS. Then, the only way I see should be to encapsulate qsub and qstat, while the job isn't finished. And I'm not sure my client will move to a pro version of PBS. I can try to ask for it...as it's important for them. Thank's a lot for your feedback.
  4. How to block (or synchronize) a job submssion

    I can't reach the cluster by now. It was an installation I was working on last week abroad. I'll try to catch the information. The only information I've got is: it is open pbs inside torque 2.3 Hope it is a new one.. and that open pbs has the same options than pbs.... thank's a lot for all your returns.
  5. How to block (or synchronize) a job submssion

    Sure. I've got it. Or it is an old version... I can't find it inside man.
  6. How to block (or synchronize) a job submssion

    Thank's a lot for your reply ! I will check it as soon as possible. Where have you been able to find such an option ?! regards
  7. Hello everybody I need some help in order to find the good arguments: my purpose is to submit a job like this : qsub < myjob, but I don't want qsub to return me the hand. I'd like qsub to give me the hand only at the end of the process run. This should be the equivalent of -sync for SGE, or -K for LSF. I tried with -I and with -W interactive=true, but this doesnt seem to be the right option to use. Thank's a lot for any suggestion; Regards