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  1. PBS Version: This may have been fixed in more recent versions of PBS, but I thought that I would raise this issue... I recently ran into a situation where mpirun failed to start because the /usr/pbs/bin/mpiexec script went into an infinite loop trying to find the Intel mpiexec that it shadowed. The problem is at line 196: for component in `echo $prepPATH | tr : " "` do if [ $component = `dirname $0` ] then continue fi if [ -x $component/mpiexec ] then exec $component/mpiexec ${1+"$@"} fi done logerr "unexpected error - no non-PBS mpiexec in PATH" else testPATH=$PBS_O_PATH pbsbindirID="`filestat $PBS_EXEC/bin`" # make implicit "." in $testPATH explicit prepPATH=`echo $testPATH | sed -e 's/^:/.:/' \ -e 's/:$/:./' \ -e 's/:::*/:.:/g'` for component in `echo $prepPATH | tr : " "` do # Check to see whether . is $PBS_EXEC/bin if [ $component = "." ] then if [ "`filestat .`" = $pbsbindirID ] then continue fi else if [ $component = "$PBS_EXEC/bin" ] then continue fi fi if [ -x $component/mpiexec ] then exec $component/mpiexec ${1+"$@"} fi done logerr "unexpected error - no non-PBS mpiexec in PBS_O_PATH" fi exit 1 } This fails if a user has placed /usr/pbs/bin/ in their path the trailing / prevents the pbs mpiexec script from finding the real mpiexec. Anyway, this was a nasty little thing that kept me chasing my tail for a couple of hours.